Support Tickets

Use our new Support Ticket system for all of your contact with the BrewNanny staff. Create a ticket for technical support, product questions or the status of your order. Only registered users or current customers can create support tickets.

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Our FAQ pages has common questions and answers.



Register your brew club to get club only discounts and specials. Open to all and always free. You can optionally create a BrewFile club profile  at the same time and extend your club to the internet with your own private and public site. Keep club info private when you want and select what the rest of the world can see. Communicate with other clubs, swap stories, make new friends. Free to all, not limited to BrewNanny customers.

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BrewNanny Developers

The BrewNanny Developers Program is designed to provide accurate up to the minute specs, source code,api’s and support to developers that want to extend the BrewNanny hardware and software platforms. Membership is free and open to anyone. Just fill out a simple form and you will have access within 24 hours. Join the growing membership of like minded individuals that like to code or builld devices that work with BrewNanny.

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BrewFile is a social media site for brewers. It is free to join for individuals, no purchase is necessary. If you have a brew club you can set up your own BrewFile club pages for free also. You can have pages that are private for your members only and public pages for the rest of the world. BrewFile also contains a recipe repository, forums, and the ability to share your BrewNanny dashboard with select members or the general public. We are launching BrewFile on November 5th. Currently you can go to the temporary site and register to be notifed when we go live. If you own a BrewNanny and want to store your brewing information in the Cloud, BrewFile is a free and feature rich option. Hope to see you on line at BrewFile soon.