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The BrewNanny Monitor is a precision tool suitable for most brewers. Monitor your brew with the BrewNanny Dashboard just like the more advanced Pro version and get notifications and alerts in the same way. It is designed to be a “take it out of the box and use it” type of product. There are no lengthy setup processes or calibrations to perform.


For help in determining fermenter adapters post to the Fermenter Adapter Forum.

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Easy Set-up

  • Take it out of the box and plug it into your computer or tablet.
  • Your Wi-Fi settings are automatically detected.
  • Your browser will open up to the settings page
  • You answer a few simple questions.
  • You are ready to go.

After your brew is in the fermenter just put the BrewNanny where you would normally put the air trap and you are up and running. Open your browser in any internet connected device and click the new BrewNanny dashboard icon and you are watching your brew develop like never before.


Real-time Data

As soon as the pressure inside your fermenter starts to rise because of the CO2 that is building up BrewNanny can determine that you are off to a healthy start or not and you get a notification, wherever you are. BrewNanny can send alerts to your cell phone, tablet or any internet connected device to let you know things are OK. No more sitting around waiting for that first bubble in the air trap. Finally an end to all of that frustration and anxiety of just not knowing what is going on.

And if you want to get real time detailed data about what is going on inside your fermenter, you just point your web browser to the BrewNanny link and you have a full featured Dashboard that shows easy to understand charts and complete reading data. Just check out the screenshots to learn how easy it is.





Awesome Easy to Use Analytical Tools

And if you want to get real time detailed data about what is going on inside your fermenter, you just point your web browser to the BrewNanny link and you have a full featured — desktop and mobile friendly — BrewNanny Dashboard that displays easy to understand charts with current and past data — and a  place to take notes. IN REAL TIME! Just check out the screenshots to learn how easy it is.



When your beer needs help

Along with your purchase of BrewNanny you can automatically set-up an early-bird account on BrewFile™ . This is where you can connect with other hi-tech (and low-tech) brewers to share information. BrewNanny owners will be able to share data (and their BrewNanny Dashboard) with other home brewers. By sharing data, members can analyze what’s going on with your brew and help avoid badly behaved beer.

You will get access to:

  • Online BrewNanny Dashboard and forum (for BrewNanny users)
  • Brew-Wiki
  • Facebook integration
  • Home-Brew forum

 Best yet, BrewFile is not exclusive to BrewNanny owners. Anyone can join — it’s free!



BrewNanny Specifications*

Monitoring Brew Temperature, Air Temperature, CO2 Pressure, Light Level
CalculationsCumulative CO2 Volume, CO2 Rate, Specific Gravity, % Alcohol, Time until Finish, Fermentation Profile and more
AlertsText, Email 
InterfaceBrowser based Dashboard
AppsFaceBook®, iPhone®, Android®,™
MemoryFlash:128M, EEPROM:256M, RAM:32K
Web Browser CompatibilityChrome®, Firefox®2.0+, Internet Explorer®7.0+, Safari®3.0+, Opera® 9.0+, IE  Mobile, Android, Opera Mini,  Mobile  Safari(IPhone, IPad)
PowerUSB host
Fermenter CompatibilityPlastic Pail, Glass Carboy, Gallon Jug, Stainless Steel, 16 oz. Bottle
Aux InterfaceNo
*Preliminary Information