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BrewNanny Pro

$ 696.00

Enhanced Accuracy and Robustness

The Pro was designed from the start to meet the demands of the serious brewer. Higher accuracy sensors and an improved valve design offer superior repeatability and clog free operation with high gravity brewing. For the technically inclined, the expansion connectors and well documented API allow you to extend the technology in any way that you want.

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So what does this do for me?


Hard core brewers

  • You get a high precision machine that helps you know what is really going on inside your fermenter.
  • Use the prediction facility to create guidelines for new recipes.
  • Use the comparison mode and overlay your current readings with one of your recipes that you brew frequently.
  • Change the alerts and warnings to suit your needs.
  • You can edit or completely replace the fermentation models, equations and conversion factors with your own.
  • You can change the dashboard look and feel or create your own user interface.
  • Modify any of the code that controls the sensors and pressure components.
  • Your high-tech pals will be making stuff that connects to BrewNanny that will thrill you to death.
  • As BrewNanny releases new software and new features you can let BrewNanny automatically download them to try them out, keep them or go back to the way things were.
  • You can be a part of the growing community of IoT (Internet of Things) devices that allow you to share your brewing experience with others in a way never possible before.


  • Don’t like the math that BrewNanny uses to calculate results? You can use your own, or download alternates from our web site.
  • You can interface with the raw database tables to do what you want with the data, or you can use our REST API from another device, over your LAN, WLAN or the Internet.
  • Rewrite the entire controller code in any language that runs on LINUX, or even swap out the version or flavor of LINUX.
  • GPIO ports for accessing the Raspberry Pi to connect new devices to the BrewNanny architecture.
  • Modular construction so you can hack the hardware including the sensor stem.
  • Re-task the BrewNanny for another purpose (um…er…Wine Wench??)

This home brew monitoring device is scalable and expandable

Total Control

BrewNanny Pro is a high precision cutting edge device that a lot of people will be messing with and enhancing. Expect this to generate new compatible products that will connect to or enhance the BrewNanny Pro device. So even if you are not a gadget geek or a Jolt head, if you are serious about the quality of your brew and you brew a lot the Pro version is for you.

High Precision

The pro version uses MEMS  sensors (via I2C bus) for increased accuracy and high sample rates. The same type used in medical devices. Our precision pressure control components are manufactured to our specifications and are adapted from devices you might find in the aerospace industry. The sensor stem has its own microprocessor (Microchip PIC32) that communicates to the Linux system via REST web services using a published API. The host system runs Tomcat and Mysql for a really nice open system that you can tinker with till the cows come home. Our user interface is HTML5 and JQuery for the finest experience possible.

Open Source Software and Hardware

BrewNanny Pro is a high precision cutting edge device that a lot of people will be messing with and enhancing. Expect this to generate new compatible products that will connect to or enhance the BrewNanny Pro device. So even if you are not a gadget geek or a Jolt head, if you are serious about the quality of your brew and you brew a lot the Pro version is for you.

  • Raspberry Pi board along with additional WiFi components
  • Linux system
  • Free developer program
  • Access to information to make modifications to BrewNanny Pro
  • Easy to install enhancement modules
  • We expect the developer community to supply a lot of this functionality and we will be providing our own as well.


  • Monitors: fermentation, temperature, light level
  • Patent Pending  valve to prevent blow-off clogging
  • More memory and processing power than BrewNanny
  • Comparison mode dashboard feature
  • Prediction mode dashboard feature
  • Replace default models and equations with your own
  • Optional External Temperature Probe
  • Optional Temperature Control Module
  • WiFi Network
  • Linux operating system running on the Raspberry Pi platform
  • MySQL database
  • Tomcat application server
  • Hardware expansion connectors


brewnanny-products-pro-box-v1 If your are interested in extending the design with your own hardware you are in luck. The Pro model has an external enclosure that connects to the BrewNanny and provides unfettered access to the Raspberry Pi running Linux. Two extra I2C  serial ports allow easy interfacing for your own peripheral designs. A DB-25 connector allows you to connect directly to the Raspberry Pi GPIO. Log directly into the Pi via wireless using your favorite console and FTP applications. The Pi is also running Tomcat and MySQL and you can use the regular web interfaces to extend the software using Java servlets and Jsp pages or upload any application framework that runs on Linux. Use phpMyAdmin to import and export data, add additional schema or just browse. And of course there is a REST api that allows you to easily access stored and streamed data via any application over http. The unit is powered via one of the USB ports. The second port is used for the WiFi dongle and can also be used for direct access with the dongle removed.

Product Extensions

Temperature controller add-on

Home brew temperature control make this more than just a monitor

Attaches to the BrewNanny Pro and allows you to control your fermentation temperature by using a heating pad or refrigerator. Uses the existing BrewNanny temperature probe to provide a closed loop temperature control system. Unit has 2 power outlets that are independantly controllable. 20 Amp maximum current load. Features oversize 40 Amp solid state relays. Available power options are listed in table below.

  • Control Temperature within 1 degree C
  • Works with BrewNanny alarms to alert you to problems with your refrigerator or heating unit
  • Advanced programming mode allows temperature to be automatically changed when certain conditions are met such as:
    • Gravity Reading
    • Fermentation Rate
    • Elapsed Time
    • Multiple temperature changes per batch can be programmed
    • Advance calculations available[
    • Works with BrewNanny Dashboard app

External thermometer attachment add-on

Our external thermometer attaches to the expansion port of the BrewNanny Pro. Some brewers who use conical fermenters or oversized fermenters with a lot of head space for high gravity brewing need additional reach in the probe length to put the sensor in contact with the wort. BrewNanny will ship with extended probes up to 23″ but for some this is not enough or results in a top heavy situation. We are responding to your requests for a better solution by offering an external thermometer attachment.

This external probe attaches to the expansion port of the BrewNanny Pro and has a 2 meter length cable so that you have many more options for temperature measurement. The probe is made of 316 Stainless Steel and is 0.25″ diameter. This probe will fit most thermowells or can be attached permenantly by using a 1/4 ” compression fitting to NPT. The probe is available in immersion lengths of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 23 “.

Once connected to the BrewNanny Pro the external thermometer can be selected for use with the BrewNanny Dashboard interface.

  • Attaches to the expansion port of the BrewNanny Pro
  • 2 meter length cable
  • 316 Stainless Steel and is 0.25″ diameter
  • Fits most thermowells or can be attached permenantly by using a 1/4 ” compression fitting to NPT.
  • Available in immersion lengths of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 23 “

Power cord options

(note: power cord is only needed for the temperature control unit. BrewNanny uses USB for power)


  • BrewNanny Power CodeCountriesPlugVoltsAmps
    AU-1AustraliaAS3112-1981, NZ SS 198-1967 3 CONDUCTOR STRAIGHT PLUG250V10A
    CE-1Continental EuropeCEE7 Sheet VII 3 CONDUCTOR STRAIGHT CORD250V10A
    US-1United States, Canada, Mexico3 CONDUCTOR120V20A

BrewFile membership

Get a free account on BrewFile during the easy installation process.

You will get access to:

  • Online BrewNanny Dashboard and forum (for BrewNanny users)
  • Brew-Wiki
  • Facebook integration
  • Home-Brew forum

Anyone can join BrewFile. It’s free!

(No purchase necessary.)



BrewNanny Pro Specs

BrewNanny Pro Specifications*

Monitoring Brew Temperature, Air Temperature, CO2 Pressure, Light Level
CalculationsCumulative CO2 Volume, CO2 Rate, Specific Gravity, % Alcohol, Time until Finish, Fermentation Profile
AlertsText, Email 
InterfaceBrowser based Dashboard
AppsFaceBook®, iPhone®, Android®,™
Host ComputerRaspberry Pi
OSLinux: 3.6.11+ GNU/Linux Debian Wheezy 7.1
Web ServerTomcat 6
Controller LanguagePython 2.7.3
Sensor ControllerCustom 32 Bit PIC Board
NetworkWi-Fi, Ethernet
MemoryFlash:128M, EEPROM:256M, RAM:32K
Web Browser CompatibilityChrome®, Firefox®2.0+, Internet Explorer®7.0+, Safari®3.0+, Opera® 9.0+, IE  Mobile, Android, Opera Mini,  Mobile  Safari (iPhone, iPad)
PowerUSB host
Fermenter CompatibilityPlastic Pail, Glass Carboy, Gallon Jug, Stainless Steel, 16 oz. Bottle
SourceFull Source Available to Developer Program Members
Aux InterfaceGPIO, ICSP
*Preliminary Information